23. River Semester: LUMCON Marsh, Dec 5th

0zwc9J3qgDkSZSKazEIcHR1zUsxl34bkOHLdLLpZuCo=.F5 s47qIVLaJgF6v_TxCJBPPbP3dtbPDWc2DRmTOszjIhk=.F5 yzT9Wfc51RiB36ZYNOFf-VuC95NBcVU5UJptW7OoBG4=.F5 hml0WqjrOz5LPukeOY83ytvCnCOtTYqhaM5DWSwzD-I=.F5LUMCON Marsh, Dec 5th: Recorded while aboard a large metal pontoon. Around 12:30 PM, slight wind. I had hoped to capture some sort of dolphin noise, because we had seen them in the area we took the recording from, but I’m not positive the clicks I heard in the recording are dolphins; they may be the boat somehow.