18. River Semester: Passing Barge on Island 68, Nov 12th (Edited w/ commentary)

  1. Passing Barge on Island 68, Nov 12th: Raw recording was around 44 min long, edited down to around 13 min; with and without commentary of what happened. Slight wind; you can hear the small waves lightly hit the bank. Hydrophone was held out around 15 ft off shore by Y shaped sticks I drove into the sand. Recorded around 12:00 – 1:00 PM. The goal of capturing the barge was to get the silence before and after the barge has passed, which took a very long time because there was a long bend downstream of where I set up my hydrophone, so it didn’t simply keep its engines on to propel forward; it had to stop and start numerous times to carefully make its way around the bend because it was heading downstream.